Who is Vie Financial?

Vie Financial is a nationally backed, franchise-based financial services provider with access to one of the largest panels of loan funders, insurers and banking services in Australia. From over 40 institutions, we provide our customers with tailored solutions to suit their individual circumstances, specialising in structured finance, insurance and banking facilities tailored to work in harmony to assist in reaching their long-term goals.

We take the time to assess each customer’s circumstances by getting to know them and place emphasis on providing long term solutions that work towards reaching an end goal. We provide a superior to customer service and operate with total remuneration transparency, delivering our services nationally through our network of locally owned and operated franchises.

Vie Financial Services Tasmania as Local Mortage Brokers That You Can Depend on

Vie Financial is a franchised business that is made up of local finance brokers who specialise in helping our clients in the following areas:

  • Buying their first home.
  • Refinancing existing property loans, including residential and commercial.
  • Purchasing all types of property, including for investment purposes.
  • Car, boat, motorbike, asset, plant and equipment finance.
  • And Debt consolidation.

Your Vie Financial broker will use their experience and knowledge to help you find the perfect financial product for your goals and current situation.

Jessie from Vie Financial Launceston assisting a Tasmanian customer with a home loans inquiry.

Basic Advice For First Home Buyers

  • How much money do I need to purchase? – General Guidelines are to have 5 per cent of the desired purchase cost in savings for your deposit and the same amount again to cover your purchasing costs. Depending on your situation, the respective First Home Buyers Grant or Duty Concession may reduce this requirement – speak to us today to understand your personal position in readiness to buy.
  • What costs are involved in the purchase? – Stamp Duty is payable to the state revenue office and is calculated as a percentage of the purchase price, conveyancing fees for your legal representation during the process of purchasing, government registration fees for the mortgage securing your home loan and a buffer for any other miscellaneous expenses including apportioned council rates, building inspections and other unforeseen incidentals incurred along the way.
  • When does lenders mortgage insurance need to be taken into consideration? – This is payable on any loan greater than 80 per cent of the purchase price.

Credit Health and Counselling

We are credit experts, we seek to help all of our clients understand their credit score and history, which enables us to provide personalised and accurate advice, based on facts.

Vie Financial will not only help you to improve your credit score, we will also carefully guide you through sensitive applications that may trigger hard credit checks, ensuring you avoid unnecessary enquiries on your credit file.

Five-star Customer Rating

Vie Financial holds five-star customer ratings across a number of different review platforms. We are a customer-focused business that delivers personalized financial services. Our high level of customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

We Work for You, Not for the Banks

The most important difference between Vie Financial and our mega-corporation competitors is that we work for you. We listen, take your goals, needs and current circumstances into account. Then, we recommend the best course of action based solely on these criteria.

Vie financial office in Tasmania. One of Australia's leading Finance broking firm.

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