Zak Brakey
Co Franchise Principal

Zak Brakey is an expert in finance, providing reliable financial services for several years now. Recently, he joined the talented team of professionals at Vie Financial Australia. Zak has taken the role of a co franchise principal of Vie Financial in Launceston.

Zak is not only a hardworking financial expert but is also business savvy. He has worked and established different companies not only in the financial sector but in the mining and manufacturing industries as well. Zak also has extensive experience in sales and marketing.

  • Completed Managing with Insight training to further improve his ability to become a better leader
  • Gained Certificate IV in Financial Services at the Australis College. He concentrated on finance and mortgage broking
  • Received Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices which he took at the University of Tasmania’s Australian Maritime College (AMC)
  • Received certification for Life Insurance and Generic Knowledge at the AAMC Training Group
  • Learned how to apply advanced first aid with the help of his training at First Aid International Australia

In spite of his training and certifications, Zak Brakey remains busy yet education-focused. He is currently completing his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at the University of Tasmania.

His educational background helped him achieve high positions in the industry. His dedication and experience also facilitated in accomplishing his tasks, particularly as a senior manager.

Work Experience

Zak Brakey formally started his career in finance back in 2010. During that time, he decided to launch his first-ever home lending firm located in Burnie, Tasmania.

Meanwhile, he had other jobs and responsibilities, yet he never failed to ace them all. Time management is one of his strengths. Zak was a part of Elphinstone Group, specifically the Elphinstone Pty Ltd. Here, he worked as a sales and marketing manager.

He used his time management skills, along with his experience and knowledge. The job required him to take control of the global support department of the company in sales, marketing, and aftersales. It was also where he understood more about specialised rail maintenance vehicles and other mining products.

The Customer-First Approach

For Zak, the most important metric of a successful business is a satisfied customer. It is why he has committed himself to provide excellent and personalised customer service. For many people, he has a knack for communicating and is devoted to helping others. These traits enable him to create meaningful and lasting relationships with clients and business partners.

What Next?

Vie Financial Australia started in 2015. Since then, the company has continued to grow and develop with experts ready to assist at all times. Zak Brakey is one of the professionals at Vie Financial Australia who can assist customers in many ways.

Whether it is at the client’s home or office, Zak can help connect those who need financing for residential and commercial property. His background in finance and business gives him the advantage of easily connecting with sources that can help with personal loans, investment lending, and more. His access to various lenders makes borrowing money a hassle-free process.

Contact Zak Brakey

Telephone: 1300 400 843
Facebook: brazak19
Facebook: zakbrakeyviefinancial