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With fewer than 20,000 residents, at first glance, Burnie may not seem like a logical place to establish a mortgage brokerage. However, as a local resident of the area, Gene knew it was the perfect place to open an office. Delving into the Burnie’s property stats affirmed my beliefs regarding the area’s need for Vie Financial’s services.

According to Australian Property Investor Magazine, Burnie has:

  • “Excellent income conditions” – Compared to other areas, the yield is very high, and Burnie enjoys a healthy and stable rental market.
  • “Very good investment potential” – There are many in-demand properties for sale on several of the area’s “sweet spot” streets.
  • “Low expert opinion sentiment” – Industry researchers, property valuers, buyer’s agents, and media are not talking about Burnie’s market growth opportunities.
  • “Low investor interest” – Investors are not displaying much interest in the Burnie market.
  • In other words, Burnie residents are in a solid position to buy, and the area is teeming with investment opportunities.

With purpose-built, brand new offices in the heart of the Burnie CBD, the team at Vie Financial Burnie are ready to assist with all your finance enquiries. Independently owned and operated by Vie Financial Devonport Pty Ltd, Franchise Principle Gene Medwin and Partnership Broker Luke Russell make it their sole endeavour to provide the highest degree of service possible.

Can’t make it to the office? Gene & Luke will come to you, at a time and place that suits your lifestyle! After hours or weekends – at Vie Financial, our customers and the service they receive comes first.

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Gene Medwin

Gene Medwin - Franchise Principle

With tertiary qualifications in Business, Accounting, and Taxation, accompanied by both the Certificate IV and Diploma in Financial Services, Gene is well versed with all aspects of financial…

Luke Russell Vie Financial

Luke Russell - Partnership Broker

Having completed both a Certificate and Diploma in Financial Services along with Vie’s very own intensive mentoring program, Luke is ready to tackle even the most complex of finance enquiries…

When did Vie Financial open in Burnie?

Burnie was one of Vie Financial’s first franchises. We opened our doors in February 2017 to begin helping people interested in purchasing property in this beautiful area.

Gene Medwin, the franchise founder of Vie Financial Burnie, is from the area and has a background in accounting, which is particularly helpful with self-employed clients and gives him a greater understanding of business in general.

Despite being in a very established position in Melbourne, Gene saw a real opportunity to be trained and mentored by some of the best in the finance industry.

He wanted to capitalise on his experience by starting up a Vie Financial franchise in Burnie and helping the people of his hometown secure the financing to purchase the properties of their dreams.

Why work with Vie Financial Burnie?

Aside from knowing the local market and the ins and outs of property finance, one of the advantages of working with us is having access to dozens of different lenders with a variety of risk appetites, qualifications, etc.

It makes sense to work with someone with access to many different lenders rather than a large financial institution with only a few different financing channels. As mortgage brokers, we also know strategies to drive interest rates down, secure better loan terms, and so on.

Address39/41 Alexander St, Burnie TAS 7320    Phone1300 400 843

Vie Financial and the Burnie Community – A Perfect Match!

The Burnie community has welcomed Vie Financial with open arms and given us a warm response.  Through happy clients and word of mouth, we’ve been able to achieve steady growth and continue helping eager property buyers.

These types of referrals are the most effective in a small, regional town like Burnie. Regardless of the loan or the purpose, we treat every client equally, and the community respects our dedication and diligence in this regard.

Like Success Stories?

Similar to any other service-based business, you can get an accurate assessment of mortgage brokers by the number of people they’ve been able to help. Despite only being open a couple of short years, we’re happy to have tonnes of success stories and several repeat clients who come back to us for second home loans.

We’re proud to have several success stories, but here are two recently that definitely stand out:


Success Story #1

A client had recently moved from Queensland and was working with another broker who quickly declined his application due to a minute detail regarding the postcode of the property.

Since we know the intricacies of the Tasmania market, their real estate agent suggested they give us a call. It’s a good thing they did. 

We were able to quickly identify other available options, gather all of the proper documents, and secure an approval within a few days. It would have been even sooner, but the valuation couldn’t be done until the second or third day.

If they hadn’t chosen to work with us, they wouldn’t be in the property they now enjoy.


Success Story #2

In another scenario, we were referred by a real estate agent to work with a couple who were looking to purchase their first property. They had also moved down from Queensland 6-12 months earlier and had spoken with another broker who asked them to fill out a form and give some details.

The broker phoned the couple saying there was nothing they could do. The client responded by saying they were well aware they were not in a position to buy but wanted to know what they could do to improve their property buying power.

They wanted to know what kind of deposit they would need and how to improve their asset position, but not surprisingly the broker was no help at all.

We sat down with them, and while it was challenging because they didn’t have a large deposit, we were able to get them into a property.

The male applicant was a carpenter and was able to make several improvements straight away for minimal costs. Within less than a year, they were able to buy another property.

In summary, we were able to secure nearly $500,000 in loans for a client who just a few months earlier was told by another mortgage broker they weren’t in a position to purchase anything, and there was nothing they could do to help.

Rather than just saying, “Sorry, we can’t help you,” we go above and beyond.

At Vie Financial Burnie, we don’t believe in passing judgement – we believe in using our expertise to lend a helping hand.

A young couple renovating their property

Why Should Interstate Investors work with Vie Financial Burnie?

Born and raised in Burnie, we know the local area and its property markets better than anyone.

We know what banks will issue loans for specific properties and areas. We also know the Melbourne and Sydney areas quite well and understand the various factors causing the property prices in these cities and other parts of Australia to swell and retract while the property prices in Tasmania continue to grow steadily.

We also understand reasons for interest fluctuations, economics, and supply and demand from both macro and micro perspectives. It all ties into what we do on a daily basis.

No two markets are the same, and we’re well familiar with this as well. While you won’t necessarily see the sustained capital growth in a Burnie property as you would a property in Melbourne or Sydney, the Tasmanian market is less volatile and properties don’t require as much of a down payment.

Filling out all paper work.

What Do We Look for When Selecting Brokers to Work With Us In the Burnie Office?

While we have a strict selection process, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work with us. At Vie Financial, and the mortgage brokerage industry as a whole, it’s more about having strong people skills, honesty, integrity, and a winning personality.

We can train and mentor anyone as long as they have a strong character, the ability to relate to others, and the willingness to help find solutions for every client we serve.

That being said, we also believe in the value of education and the importance of having the right credentials.

Luke Russel, our partnership broker, began his training with us in April 2017 while living in Melbourne. He moved back home to Burnie to continue his education and became an accredited broker in January 2018.

Over the past year with us, Luke has received continued training and is now flourishing on his own. We sit down together a few times a week to go over specific scenarios and review options for those scenarios, but at this point, there’s rarely a scenario he can’t find a solution for.

Interested in buying a property in the Burnie area? Contact us today to let us show you what we can do!