Client Videos

Stories from Vie Financial Clients

Alistair Stevenson - Stevenson Roofing

Originally, Alistair intended on going through his bank to obtain finance. This process, however, was difficult as they didn’t understand his business or his goals. Since working with Alistair, Vie has had the privilege of assisting him and his business with property, commercial & vehicle finance.

Todd and Pauline Roberts

While Todd and Pauline have owned investment properties since they were first married, the process of obtaining finance has never been easy. Since they started working with Vie Financial, this is a process they no longer “dread”!

Kyle Zanetto - Zanetto Builders

Vie Financial has had the privilege of supporting Kyle with vehicle, equipment and construction finance for the continuation and expansion of Zanetto Builders operations.

Neha and Chirag Kapila

Vie arranged personal risk insurance to protect their family against the impacts of serious illness, injury and death.The peace of mind that Neha and Chirag have now, knowing their family will be protected if something were to happen, is beyond compare.

Kira Johnston

Vie Financial helped Kira Johnston find a solution to her finance difficulties so that she could buy her first home.

Jarrod French

Jarrod originally engaged Vie Financial to assist him and his wife with their home & investment property finance some time ago. Vie are extremely proud to now be supporting him in his new business venture Imaging Plus.

Kristy & Tyson Thomas

Kristy & Tyson were referred to Vie Financial by one of their good friends when they were purchasing their first property. Vie are now assisting them with the construction of their forever home.

Oscar Sloane

Vie helped Oscar & Georgia purchase their first block and their first home.

Sarah Heys

Sarah was referred to Vie after the broker she had been using for seven (7) years told her that they were unable to assist with her new investment property purchase.

Vie restructured Sarah’s existing property portfolio, in doing so enabling her to purchase her new investment property. As a result of this restructure, Sarah’s interest charges reduced by more than $500 per month without extending her remaining loan term.

In addition to these significant interest savings she received $13,000 as lender paid cash back incentives that she intends to use on future home improvements. This is the difference between using a finance broker (who sells a product) and an experienced Credit Advisor (who provides professional advice).

The Butlers

The Butlers sought Credit Advice from Vie after they were told by two different brokers they were unable to assist them.

The Eatts

The Eatts approached Vie for assistance to refinance their existing properties, which enabled them to build their dream home.

Selena Elphinstone

Selena reached out to Vie after her bank advised they were unable to assist with her renovation.

Ryan & Erryn Harding – Top Cut Welding & Maintenance

Ryan & Erryn were finding their bank difficult to deal with, Vie now look after all of their personal and business finance.

Alex Simpson – Granville Harbour Wind Farm

Alex engaged Vie to assist him with investment finance.

Thomas & Ellie Bennett – Thomas Bennett Building:

Vie have helped Thomas & Elle with home, development, business, and asset finance.

Peter Van Ek – Veer Tas

Peter asked Vie to assist him finance his business after finding the banks difficult to deal with. Vie have helped Peter with business, home, investment, and asset finance.