Debt Consolidation

Is It Possible to Combine My Personal Debt Into My Home Loan?

Consolidating your existing credit card or personal debt into your home loan could mean you pay a lower interest rate, provided you pay the consolidated debt off within the same timeframe as you would have pre-consolidation. Debt consolidation is tricky, and if not structured correctly, can in fact have a negative long term effect on one’s financial position. Understanding the benefits and having an extensive analysis completed by a Vie Financial broker prior to proceeding with a consolidation restructure will ensure that the end goal works to benefit your position in the long term.

Should I Pay Off My Credit Card and Personal Loan First, or My Mortgage?

Your Vie Financial broker can review your personal circumstances and give you tailored information on your individual position, including debt consolidation options and how to schedule your repayments. In most cases, it’s worthwhile paying off debt with a higher interest rate first, however this may vary depending on whether this debt is personal or business related.