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Devonport's Most Trusted Mortgage Brokers and Finance Facilitators

Since early 2016, Vie Financial and our team of dedicated brokers have changed the financial landscape of Devonport. Before Vie Financial’s arrival, the region had few places to turn for financing. Through building solid relationships with clients, we earned the respect of local builders and real estate agents and with respect came referrals.

Good news always travels fast, and word of the arrival of a dynamic nationally backed franchise spread quickly. At Vie, building long term relationships with our clients is important to us, and it did not take long before our satisfied customers began to send a steady stream of referrals our way.

Established Yet, Personal Finance Brokers

It is easy to feel a bit lost and out of your element when dealing with a large mortgage company or a bank. That is why we go out of our way to bring our own professional, personalised service to everyone who contacts us. Whether you need one of our brokers to pop out to see you or you have a question for us at 7:00 AM, we are committed to being available when our clients need us, not just from 10:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday (who hasn’t been frustrated by their local banks restrictive operating hours)!

All Situations Are Unique

We know that every situation is different, and each customer has a unique set of circumstances. At Vie, we do not push our clients into one-size-fits-all financing. In fact, if we are not able to create a situation that puts you in a significantly better position than when we met, we will not proceed.

Address9 Oldaker St, Devonport TAS 7310    Phone1300 400 843

Meet our advisers

Gene Medwin

Gene Medwin - Franchise Principle

With tertiary qualifications in Business, Accounting, and Taxation, accompanied by both the Certificate IV and Diploma in Financial Services, Gene is well versed with all aspects of financial…

Luke Russell Vie Financial

Luke Russell - Partnership Broker

Having completed both a Certificate and Diploma in Financial Services along with Vie’s very own intensive mentoring program, Luke is ready to tackle even the most complex of finance enquiries…

Gene from Vie Finacial Devonport helping Devonport customers.

We Only Make Decisions That Are in Your Best Interest

At Vie, we do not take your trust lightly, and we weigh our options based purely on how best to serve your needs.

  • We will educate you about your options, so all of your decisions will be fully informed.
  • We will review your circumstances regularly and continually look for ways to further improve your position.
  • We will send you regular updates.
  • We are not beholden to any individual lender, nor do we offer our own products, everything we do is based on what is best for you.
  • We will work with your accountant & financial planner to ensure complete alignment of goals and objectives, and the most tax effective structure.

How Do We Help First Time Home Buyers

First time buyers are about to make one of, if not the largest purchases of their lives. Our finance specialists can help first-time buyers prepare for what is ahead, well before the purchase and loan process begins by:

  • Explaining the process.
  • Assisting to set up a savings plan to raise a down payment/deposit.
  • Preparing a budget.
  • Explaining where the client’s money goes each month to help manage any spending habits that may become problematic if left unchecked.
Gene standing next to the Vie Finacial Devonport company car.

What is the Vie Finacial Culture?

At Vie Financial Devonport, as with all of our franchise branches, we hold our associates to extremely high standards:

  • AVAILABILITY – Our brokers must possess a high commitment to being available to clients outside of 9am-5pm.  All our numbers link directly to a mobile phone!
  • EFFICIENCY – Our customers do not wait weeks for an appointment as you do with a bank.  Vie Financial does everything humanly possible to make sure customers see someone where they want to when they want to.
  • COMMITMENT – We do whatever it takes to help clients reach their goals in the most advantageous way possible.  We are pleased to serve as a liaison between our clients and lenders. We take care of paperwork and communication to keep everything moving forward.

Plan Your Next Strategic Move With Vie Finacia

Our finance specialists streamline the process of obtaining your financing. The steps involved are straightforward, and we offer as much guidance as required to ensure you know what is happening every step of the way.

  • Upon your initial call to our office, we ask some basic questions to gain an understanding of your current position, and what you are looking to achieve.
  • Next, we collect the information required to identify the best options we have available form our panel of 40 plus lenders.
  • We meet with you to collect information regarding your income, debts and savings – then we walk you through all the available options.
  • After our meeting, we make an application on your behalf.
  • After your loan is approved, we meet with you to sign the loan contracts and mortgage documents.

At Vie Financial Devonport, we believe it is our privilege to serve our customers.

Common Mortgage Broker FAQ's Answered by Gene Medwin

From the modern and vibrant office independently owned and operated by Vie Financial Devonport Pty Ltd, Franchise Principle Gene Medwin and his Partnership Broker Luke Russell are ready to assist with all your finance enquiries.

Can’t make it to the office? Gene & Luke will come to you, at a time and place that suits your lifestyle! After hours or weekends – at Vie Financial, our customers and the service they receive come first.

Devonport Case Study

Our first loan was memorable for a few reasons. A young couple looking for finance contacted us before our office was officially open.

Each of the applicants had credit-related issues showing on their credit reports. After being referred to Vie, they contacted us because their existing broker had compounded their credit issues by lodging multiple credit inquiries simultaneously. The property the clients were trying to purchase was also located in a North Western Tasmanian postcode, which is deemed unacceptable by many lenders.

We found a suitable loan and managed to obtain finance approval for an almost identical property, located in a different postcode, borrowing 95 per cent of the property’s value. Many lenders were only willing to lend up to 80% on this particular property, which would have required a deposit of 20% plus costs.