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First Home Buyers

A Credit Advisor is a valuable partner for a first home buyer. For most people, buying a property is the biggest investment they will make in their lives.

We understand that selecting a suitable home loan or other mortgage product in Australia’s increasingly complex market is an important, though not always easy, decision. That’s why we strive to get the right home loan product at the best rate for every client and provide a stress-free transaction by making sure the loan application process is monitored right through to settlement and beyond.

Your Vie Financial Credit Advisor will assess your financial situation as part of a ‘needs analysis’, and match your requirements to a wide range of loans from banks and other financial institutions; managing the process from pre application right through to post settlement.

First Home Buyers

New Property Purchase

Buying a property is a serious investment – hence why it’s so important to make sure the home loan you end up with is one that is right for you. Rather than overwhelming you with information, your Vie Financial Credit Advisor will work through the different types of loans, features, and options available – helping you compare and ultimately choose the most suitable one. From our panel of over 60 lenders we can offer you a level of choice that goes far beyond the big banks.

Non-Conforming Loan Options

Loans in arrears, no taxable proof of income, poor credit history, defaults on existing or past loans and debts? A Non-Conforming loan could be the solution. Vie Financial Credit Advisors are highly experienced in Non-Conforming Loans and are committed to assisting you in whatever capacity your circumstances require. Whether you are looking to refinance and consolidate all your outstanding debts, taking into consideration that you may have loans in arrears, no taxable proof of income, poor credit history, defaults on existing or past loans and debts, at Vie Financial we do not have a ‘too hard basket’ and will work tirelessly to find the most suitable solution for our clients.

Parental Guarantee Home Loan

A Parental Guarantee Home Loan enables a family member to utilise the equity within their own home as additional security for a portion of the applicant’s loan amount. This solution lowers the loan to value ratio of the applicant, enabling significant savings by reducing or avoiding the need to pay lender’s mortgage insurance. It may also enable the applicant to borrow the total purchase price plus costs, avoiding the need to save and contribute a deposit towards the purchase (subject to lending criteria). This strategy can be employed when buying established dwellings or for the construction of new properties and is not restricted to first home buyers.

Statistically, almost 50% of first home buyers get financial help from their parents or a family member to assist with the purchase of their first home, normally as an informal loan or gift.

Parental Guarantee Home Loan