Jesse Medwin

Jesse Medwin
Franchise Principle

Jesse has nearly a decade of experience in the financial services sector, and is skilled in establishing and maintaining strong relationships with referral partners and customers.

Jesse's education and credentials include:

  • Accredited MFAA Associate Credit Adviser since 2010
  • Formal educational qualifications in finance, engineering and manufacturing
  • Ranked among the industry's top 30 brokers
  • Earned Business of the Year - Sole Proprietor award multiple times from Choice Aggregation Services
  • Owned and operated numerous businesses

As someone who is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and grow, Jesse has mentored several professionals when they were new to the industry. He helped them learn the skills needed to succeed in an evolving and competitive market.

Jesse feels that my most significant achievements are the relationships that have been built and maintained every day with referral partners and customers.

What Next?

Vie Financial was founded in 2015, and Jesse is excited to be a part of its innovative team. He has the privilege of managing professional relationships and using his leadership experience to head the company's intensive mentoring program, which is mandatory for every Vie Financial adviser. He helps advise customers during and after business hours on over 40 financial products from Australia's top banks, lenders and insurers.

Contact Jesse Medwin

Telephone: 0439 323 222
Facebook: jessemedwinviefinancial