Commercial Property Lending

Loans for Commercial Property Investing

Vie Financial brokers work closely with Commercial Finance providers and can assist with establishing commercial finance facilities for retail, office and industrial property investors and owner occupiers.

Development finance for retail and industrial units, refinance of commercial property loans for better interest rates and expired loan terms are also specialties. High LVR up to 80%, True Low Doc, credit impaired solutions, lease doc for investors and short term finance options are all available.

Choosing Vie for Commercial Loans

At Vie Financial, we are experts in commercial property investments and lending. Thanks to our vast network of commercial lending institutions, we help businesses and developers secure commercial financing at highly competitive rates. If you need to obtain finance for commercial property, we can help. Here’s how: 

Range and Flexibility

With one of the most extensive network of lenders in the market, we can help you find the most competitive commercial finance products. You can also utilise multiple lenders to suit different development and business purposes. With us, a wide range of commercial finance options are only a click away.

One-Stop Finance

We do much more than help arrange a private mortgage and commercial property financing. We’re also an invaluable resource for businesses. Our commercial finance professionals can help you find and secure asset funding to preserve cash flow and enable growth. We indeed are a one-stop solution for all of your financing needs.

Mixed-Asset Funding

Businesses in the manufacturing sector, require the right plant and specialised equipment to produce their products and remain competitive. As such, many need dedicated financing. At Vie Financial, we specialise in providing precisely that.

Manufacturing equipment can be made to order or purchased directly from vendors. Initially, this may require short-term financing. However, longer-term asset financing may be expected shortly afterwards to support cash flow. For example, a business requiring specialised equipment will likely need a long-term financing solution, as opposed to a company needing a crane, commercial property, or another traditional asset.

When it comes to mixed asset funding for commercial lending in Australia, we have the expertise to help ensure proper financing and the ability to connect you to the most appropriate lending institution.

Commercial Property Lending Proof of Income

There is much less legislation about commercial property loans, giving banks more freedom and flexibility with their lending policies, especially regarding proof of income documentationUnlike private mortgages, there are several income verification options, including: 

  • Full Doc – This is a traditional financing application in which complete financial statements must be provided for income verification before securing funding.
  • Low Doc – This type of commercial property loan only requires partial income evidence in the form of a bank statement, BAS statement, or letter from your accountant.
  • Lease Doc – Appropriate for commercial developers, this commercial loan option only requires you to provide evidence suggesting the income from leasing the property is higher than the interest repayments.
  • No Doc – Unheard of for private mortgages, no doc loans do not require any proof of income or an ability to repay the debt.
  • Forecasts – Unique to commercial borrowers, this type of loan requires the submission of a profit and loss forecast showing your ability to repay the loan with the additional income you plan on receiving as a result of the credit.

Despite this additional loan and income verification options, lenders still want to lend to people who can prove their ability to repay their commercial property loan. If your loan is deemed high risk, it will be difficult for a bank to justify approval. However, some specialist or non-bank commercial funders may consider a no doc loan or other high-risk loan options.

Commercial Property Refinancing

Weather refinancing commercial property in Australia, many lenders require the loan to be paid down to 60 per cent of the property value. However, our commercial loan brokers may be able to connect you to at least one lender who will allow you to refinance with 80 per cent loan to value ratio, or LVR. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that you may not receive the best interest rate when refinancing with such a high LVR.

Other Factors to Consider:

  • Variable Rate Refinancing – Believe it or not, you can refinance a variable rate commercial property loan every six months. Of course, being able to do so depends on the lender you choose and the amount of equity you have in the property.
  • Fixed Rate Refinancing – You may incur exit fees and break costs, but the savings from refinancing a commercial property loan at a fixed rate should produce savings benefits in 24-36 months.
  • Low Doc Refinancing – Lenders tend to prefer applicants who release equity to invest in their business or purchase more properties over applicants who refinance to cover shortages in cash flow.
  • Bad Credit Refinancing – If you have bad credit, you can usually borrow up to 75 per cent of the purchase price of the property up to $10 million. Many lenders will consider your unique situation and even consolidate tax debt, business loans, commercial property loans, and business credit cards with your refinancing loan.
  • Lease Doc Refinancing – If the lease income of your property is significant enough to cover the loan repayments, you can typically refinance and borrow up to 70 per cent of the property’s purchase price.