Vie Stories

Stories from Vie Financial clients who have successfully reached their financial goals.

The Eatts

The Eatts approached Vie for assistance to refinance their existing properties, which enabled them to build their dream home.

Selena Elphinstone

Selena reached out to Vie after her bank advised they were unable to assist with her renovation.

Ryan & Erryn Harding – Top Cut Welding & Maintenance

Ryan & Erryn were finding their bank difficult to deal with, Vie now look after all of their personal and business finance.

Alex Simpson – Granville Harbour Wind Farm

Alex engaged Vie to assist him with investment finance.

Thomas & Ellie Bennett – Thomas Bennett Building:

Vie have helped Thomas & Elle with home, development, business, and asset finance.

Peter Van Ek – Veer Tas

Peter asked Vie to assist him finance his business after finding the banks difficult to deal with. Vie have helped Peter with business, home, investment, and asset finance.

The Butlers

The Butlers sought Credit Advice from Vie after they were told by two different brokers they were unable to assist them.